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From collectors to collectors…

About us

When we started our business in 2004, my associates and I had no idea of where we were going, it was just about “hey why don’t we try to make and sell the things we love? ” 
In 2 years our goods were so popular that we were selling them to more than 12 countries!
Year by year our audience grew and so was our range.
The company started to invest in licenses and high profile collector items like pre-painted statues and busts.
Today, after 15 years we are proud to be the reference point for thousands of happy hobbyists all around the world.
We never stop to invest time and resources in order to improve ourselves and always offer you a better modelling or collecting experience, so feel free to get in touch with us if you have something to ask or even suggest!


We’re based in Roma (IT) but we operate on a global level thanks to a network of trusted dealers and partners.


The team behind it has a 15 years experience in designing and manufacturing your favourite toys with passion and dedication.


TAGO Collectibles

Started his career as a “miniatures manufacturer” but rapidly expanded the production including larger and more complex models, today we’re mainly focused on 2 types of goods:
• Model kits  (where assembly and painting are required)
• Collectibles (pre-painted and ready-for-the-showcase goods like statues and props)
How TAGO is competing on a market literally flooded of awesome items? The answer is simple, even if putting it into practice is much more complex:
• Attention to design
• Quality of manufacturing


We lovingly take care of each design down to the smallest detail, from the initial abstract concept to the final figure ready to deliver. We have the best artists to obtain the best works.


TAGO doesn’t use cheap manufacturing or materials, all our range is made in Europe through a network of selected and experienced factories.